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Welcome to Red Dirt Clay! This site is dedicated to the purpose of promoting dirt racing in the United States. We will do our very best to provide press releases and results from the major dirt series across the country with the Sprint Car Hall of Fame, some of the historic tracks and many of the drivers participating in those respective series. In addition, we will cover the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars for every race to include driver interviews and articles related to dirt racing in the U.S.

I have covered dirt racing at a few other sites over the last 3 years and found that as a rule most of those sites are NASCAR based. Although I have total respect for the drivers of NASCAR, it is in my opinion that series is well covered and represented. Dirt, on the other hand, seems to be lacking in coverage and information.

I will attempt to gear the site to all knowledge-based groups. From the basics, for the new follower, to the more advanced for the long time follower. Eventually, I hope to be able to educate and inform all on the different forms of dirt series and open doors of exciting racing for all.

It is my hope that all on this site will show respect and admiration for all forms of racing and its competitors. Our focus is dirt racing but without the continued efforts of drivers like Tony Stewart, J.J. Yeley, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Dave Blaney, we could not survive. The returns of their investments in their careers to the dirt genre are immense and undeniable.

As the site continues to take shape, you will see menu entries that will direct you to the series or track information that you are seeking. We will have information about track histories, car evolution and series points that are progressive as the season advances. Obviously at this point we are in a state of development and are looking forward to growth and improvements.

We welcome your comments and encourage your to share the site with others. Any comments, questions or suggestions should be sent here.

Thanks for your support!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Red Dirt Clay

  1. The article on Jac was amazing. I know him well and followed him closely. The article was extremely well written. Talk about a real hero, how he has handled himself and represent the sport could not be better. I have great stories and memories of Jac and thank you for writing something that has truth and flavor.
    Tom Hall

  2. Great article. Wish more would stand up for the sport and its drivers like that. I am a Stewart fan. The first time I seen him race was in the Winston ,his rookie year I believe. He was awesome! The way he raced that car was was impressive. The way he raced against earnhardt left an impression on me that night. I new that he was my favorite driver at that point and has been ever since. I honestly don’t believe that a man with so much to lose would do anything like that on purpose. There’s one point that nobody has pointed out here. Tonys giving nature. He is no monster. Hus biggest mistake that night was climbing into a sprint car. I know why he did it. Because he loves doing it, because its where he got his start in racing, because he wants to promote the sport. Not for a track championship, not for fame or fortune, shoot its not even because he’s after a sprint car title, and it certainly wasn’t to kill a fellow race car driver. I hope more people like yourself , with knowledge stand up for this man. Because if nobody does he’s gonna get rail roaded, and a sport is gonna change forever.

  3. I wholeheartedly applaud Ro Cowan for the comments she has made. She made many valid points. I have said all the long this was NOTHING BUT A RACING ACCIDENT! Not for one moment have I ever believed Tony intentionally hit Mr. Ward. I still do not believe he did. I have seen nothing, read nothing that can convince me otherwise. I am sure many of us can be hot headed at times, but that is what happens when you are passionate in what you are doing. Tony is passionate, Kevin Ward was passionate. There are so many should of, could of, and would of’s. However, NONE of that changes what transpired that Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. None of people say or do will bring back Kevin Ward Jr. To hang an INNOCENT man such as Tony is ludicrous. I can’t fathom how anyone can actually believe what happened was intentional on Tony’s part. Also, I’m disappointed in D.A. Tantillo for taking the easy way out and sending the case to a Grand Jury! He SHOULD’VE done the right thing and chose NOT to press charges, but he chose to put that on someone else’s shoulders. He should be ashamed of himself. Again, Ms. Cowan, thank you for writing this because I believe this speaks for many of Tony’s fans as well as people who have been following this case but do not even follow auto racing who believe Tony is innocent.

  4. I just read the article that you wrote concerning Tony! Thank you so much, as it is long over due! I truly believe that the video pretty much said it like it was! I will never believe that Tony would ever take anyone’s life! I feel that Ward was upset with Tony, it was a chance for him to make himself a name by approaching Tony on the track and showing his displeasure with him.
    I agree that this was a chance for the sheriff, Da, and who ever in that N.Y. community found the opportunity to gain noterity for sending it to the grand jury, to find what? Tony IS NOT GUILITY of any crime!!!!
    Come on people, let’s STAND UP FOR TONY!!!
    One of the most giving people around!! And one of the Best Drivers on the track, don’t let them take that away!!

  5. Thank you! Ro Cowan for saying what most of us have been saying & now the grand jury has said it. Sorry to that Kevin was stoned when this happened. Sounds like he was an accident waiting to happen and Tony happened to get in the way.

  6. Whats a great website! Been a open wheel fan/driver its great to be able to read not only wonderful articles but also the History of tracks. If your just passing thru this website i suggest to grab a coffee and spend some time here. Well done to the team at Red Dirt Clay

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